How To Use IGTV Successfully- Top 5 Tactics That Must Try

Instagram has reached a great height; its monthly active users were about 1 billion. It is always looking forward to creating new ways to help business owners and marketers reach their customers and get people entertained. With lots of modifications, Instagram came up with a new feature, IGTV, which is also known as Instagram TV. It is a separate app, which is interlinked with the Instagram platform. 

Did you know? More than 200 million users visit at least one business profile. 

Video has become the most crucial tool for business marketing. So, every marketer must step into IGTV to promote their business in an effective way. Moreover, many marketers find it easy to market their business on IGTV. If you are new to IGTV and don’t know how to grow, here are some tips for using IGTV effectively.

Add Call-To-Action 

On IGTV, you have the opportunity to add clickable links to your desirable page. You can put your call-to-action in the description part, which helps to promote your business or brands. Tell your audience what they have to do after watching your video. Because some audience may read your description fully. Through ideal call-to-action, you can direct your audience to relevant content, website, or product. 

Quality Is Crucial Than Quantity

If you post quality videos, then you have more chances to receive audience engagement. Just like that, don’t create videos, research audience preference. Put yourself in their shoes so that you can easily understand your audience’s expectations and needs. Once you gather all those stuff, then plan your content ideas. Create with a purpose, add value to your content. 

Avoid extending your video length because people love to engage with short videos. By creating short videos, you can bring more engagement. If gaining audience interaction is your goal, you can buy IGTV comments, attracting audience attention. Before posting, ensure you have done proper editing. Use editing tools to edit your videos, give appealing titles and descriptions. Your video must be visually attractive. All those things help to increase your video quality. 

Be Super Active 

One of the best ways to hold your audience’s attention is by uploading videos frequently. IGTV is like a traditional TV, so you need to plan yourself similar to a TV producer. They will plan the entire program in advance and upload it one by one. You can try the IGTV series, which helps you to maintain constant engagement. Posting time is also important to gain engagement to your videos. Try to figure out your audience’s active time, then upload your content according to that particular timings.

Reuse Your Old Content

IGTV allows you to post old content that is posted anywhere on the internet. For instance, if you have popular content, which is already used on YouTube, you can reuse them in your IGTV channel. Before posting, ensure you have done proper editing according to the IGTV platform. Through this, you can obtain more engagement, and it helps to bring existing YouTube audiences to your IGTV channel. In this way, you can give new life to your great old content. 

 Connect With Your Audience 

Building a good relationship with your audience helps to construct trust and authenticity in your channel. Just try to give instant replies to your audience interaction. By the way, nowadays, people expect immediate responses to their questions. 


IGTV is one of the best stages to share engaging videos. It is possible to upload both portrait and vertical videos. Once you publish your IGTV videos, cross-promote them on Instagram stories and feed to get maximum reach and engagement. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.