Guide For TikTok Influencers In India

In this article, we are going to discuss TikTok marketing strategies. No one can stop the growth of TikTok as it has crossed 500 million active users and millions of downloads. It has been just a year where TikTok launched the TikTok advertising platform. Big Brands like Nike, Disney have started using the TikTok marketing platform. Other social media applications like Facebook, Snapchat, and other social media have started to overcome TikTok but teen usage is increasing day by day. Content will play a major role in the campaign. 

Big brands like PepsiCo and other brands have started to collaborate with influencers in every part of the world.  If you see the demographics you can see that more than 40% of the Indian population are having a TikTok account. For example, sharing some interesting examples of the Indian TikTok influencers. Influencers are the ones who have a huge number of fans and those who can promote the product or service using their social media are known as Influencer.  Mostly TikTok influencers have more than 1 million followers. 

Before hiring brands needs to think whether the influencer will suit their brand. Tiktok influencers by having a huge number of followers alone will not be able to promote all the products. For instance, EA launches a FIFA 20 where they collaborated with Indie Cowie who is not much famous, but she is a soccer player. In this campaign FIFA20, the influencer has to play freestyling with public where mostly the leading Influencers may not have this quality or they will not accept it.  Don’t think that hiring top influencers helps in marketing sometimes hiring many small influencers will have huge results. Hiring the influencer is not a big deal but needs to check their insight and what will work and what won’t work. Some Influencers buy TikTok views to grow their fame on TikTok.  

 There are many politicians started using social media platforms but what if the politicians started using TikTok and do funny videos. 

Top Influencers In India:

Riyaz Aly

He is a famous dancer, actor, fashion blogger and he has more than 29 million followers. He got famous when he started posting lip-sync videos on TikTok. Many brands started collaborating with him mostly Chupa Chups collaborate more frequently. Most of the brand campaigns which he runs have more than 1 million views for the videos. 

Awez Darbar

He is a famous choreographer for celebrities. He is well known for his comedic. His fanbase is completely for his multi talented skills like acting, dance, and comedic videos. He has more than 22.5 million followers where there are many brands collaborating with him. Brands like 7up and Pulse and other brands.  He also runs a hashtag challenge #SwagSeSolo which was a successful campaign.

Hiring Influencers?

It has been 5 years that TikTok started using influencer marketing. Indian Influencers like Virat Kholi charges 51.2 million for a post on his feed and Priyanka Chopra charges 50.4 million for a post on her feed. And other influencers charge 1to 2 crores and some influencers charge depending upon the views they receive for the post.