A new feature has been rolled out by Instagram named Reels to everyone. You can now make your own music videos within the platform itself. Reels on Instagram allow you to record short videos set to songs and editing the short video clips set to songs. It is so very much like TikTok. You can get Instagram Reels views with very much ease. Access the Instagram camera first for opening the camera by swiping from the primary timeline.you will see the options like the story, Live, and the newest feature Reels, at the bottom the camera, and the story feature and Live features are you already know about it. Toge started on the Instagram Reels. Just swipe over the Reels options. You can record video clips from the camera by yourself. And Instagram allows you to bind different video clips together by using the ed options. You can either select video clips from me your gallery or catalog or record the video clips within the Instagram camera.


On the left of the screen, you will see some icons; they are the tools for your Instagram Reels, which will help you to set up the reels video clips to your whimsical specifications. The first tool on the screen is music; for a long time, music has become a part of Instagram, and this music tool allows you to select what songs or music to use from a huge licensed music library. The cool features are selected by the music, which allows people to scrub through the music by explaining the lyrics of which part of the music or songs is on. 

The second most used tool on Instagram reels is speed. This speed feature controls the speed of the video clips at any time at which clip you recorded is played back. You can record the video clips in regular timing but can change the speed of your video clips by using the speed option to speed up the video or slow down the speed of the video clips.

The third most Instagram Reels tool effects. Effects are less or more like the different types of filers you use on normal Snapchat or Instagram, but just with more elaboration. Effects can change the appearance of the video or adding some icons like flying to the video clips.

The fourth Instagram Reels tool is time. You can also set a timer for your film. The timer is nothing but a countdown; it will give you some time to get in the correct position before starting to record. You can also use the IG tools still now at the top of these tools, like stickers, drawings, and texts. You can add filters also when you are overviewing the Reels once before you are going to be upload. C