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Skyrocket Your TikTok Engagement Rate:5 Tactics That Everyone Must Check

Posted by dalbecmongan on

If you want to skyrocket your engagement rate on TikTok?

Does nothing work? In this article, you will see a few techniques, which help increase your engagement rate.

TikTok is one of the booming social media apps. It allows the users to create short musical videos. Did you know? TikTok has more than 800 million monthly active users. Either if you are a marketer or an individual, engagement is the key to success. Not only on TikTok but also on all other social media, engagement is a crucial factor. Depending on your account, you have to plan strategies or plans to generate an engagement rate.

In this article, you are going to learn some of the tactics to boost your engagement rate on TikTok,

Are you ready to get started?

Figure Out From Audience

Once you open the app, there are hundreds of personalized videos waiting for you. You can’t satisfy everyone on TikTok. Moreover, you have a massive number of people. That’s why it’s essential to focus your target audience alone. Just have a look at your competitor’s profile or account, which is related to your account. Check how they post their content and how they express it. Notice what kinds of content they are targeting. From this, you can have some idea about reaching your target audience. 

You can even find people who are interested in your business. Once you spot them, follow them and engage with their content. Make use of TikTok analytics to know about your target audience.

Come Up With New Challenge 

TikTok is full of trends and challenging videos. Moreover, people love to participate and engage with challenges. Create your own challenges, ensure it must be funny and straightforward, it encourages others to do it. If your challenges went well, they would get featured on the “for you” page. Then you will get the maximum engagement rate and receive audience interaction. Moreover, you can consider Bouxtie TikTik fans to attain more reach and audience attention. If your one video got viral, then you can start posting all kinds of content, including your personal brand. That way, you can build brand awareness and popularity.

Add Right Hashtags

Hashtags are playing a significant role in finding your content in this big ocean. When you use specific hashtags, it’s easy for the audience to spot your content depending on your content. If you use general or irrelevant hashtags, your content will disappear in the crowd. 

For instance, if you create videos with your dog, use hashtags like #doglove #pet. Also, don’t forget to use the hashtags #foryou or #fyp.

Keep your eye on trending and popular hashtags. Try to use those hashtags in your content. 

Pay Attention To Trending Songs 

Every week, TikTok will come up with trending songs. If you are creating videos on that particular song, sure you get noticed and even appear on the “for you” page. You will see a new challenge or music that frequently appears on the “for you” page every other day.

Maintain Maximum Presence 

Sure, you will get paid if you post content frequently daily. Suppose if you are a starter with no followers, but your post regularly slowly, you will grow your account. Try to post engaging content, don’t get afraid to be funny. When you offer something new that one has tried till now, it is one of the great ways to grow on TikTok.


I think now you know how to increase your engagement rate. Post regularly, go with trends, make use of trending and viral videos. Interact with your audience, which is an effective way to expand your engagement rate. I hope this article finds useful for you to increase your engagement rate.