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Most Disliked Videos On YouTube Ever

Posted by dalbecmongan on

YouTube is an excellent place to post video content. Recently, research has been done on YouTube to take out crazy channels. People like their video content so much, and YouTube gives a hub for uploading content.

YouTube changed its five-star rating system to like/dislike buttons since 2010. Most people choose one or five-star ratings. And now, most people use the like/ dislike button to rate the videos that create a discussion. Buy YouTube dislikes to deflect any viewer, and creates excitement to watch your content for the people on YouTube.

And here are a few disliked videos on YouTube at present:

Baby ft. Ludacris:

The king of disliked videos on YouTube is Baby ft. Ludacris by Justin Bieber. It is a pop song whose lyrics are dumber, Justin tones the song like a little girl, and everything grouped to produce hatred on the internet. A most disliked song by a great artist is the perfect example of disliked videos on YouTube.

Even though Bieber grows a lot after this song’s failure, most people hate him. Many people use the dislike button for not only the content defeat, but also the defeating creators.

Infinite warfare reveals trailer:

It is a long debate when most gamers are sick for the call of duty. Developers of call of duty planned to push it into scientific combat for three years in a row. Many gamers showed disinterest in their decision and disliked the trailer thoroughly.

Rebecca’s Music video – Friday:

Another video with a vast amount of dislikes – “Friday” receives over 40 million views after its uploads. Balck parents paid for a pre-written music video and song to star her. The result went wrong. 

When the video content was released, Black was only 15. And now, she began to give videos from music to video logs. 

Cutting the YouTube button:

A Brazilian YouTuber did this video, and it went viral in Brazil after the upload. The channel’s creator received the silver plaque award on YouTube, which helps the creator’s channel reach 100,000 subscribers count. The video was uploaded in the Portuguese language, but it still has the shock effect if you don’t know the language.

Felix accepts the award and wishes to reach one million subscribers, so he planned to do a bit different from his videos. This trick has earned him 3.5million subscribers now.

Gangnam style:

If you live in this generation, then you have heard this song. This viral video comes from South Korea and reaches over a million views every day across the globe after its release. Several people share this content on social media, which gains a factor for his popularity.

“Gangnam Style” songs received several records on YouTube. It has more views on YouTube. And also, it holds the record of the first video to hit over a billion views.


The internet allows everyone to become a celebrity or famous in this world. A video from the “personality on the internet” went viral. Jacob Sartorius uploaded videos of lip-syncing videos to the music. And the way she becomes famous. She composed a piece of music called sweatshirt and uploaded it on YouTube.

A 14-year boy has a crush on his class girl in the video. And he confirms that she was not ready to kiss him. So, he planned to offer his sweatshirt to her. It makes the video viral by increasing the count of dislikes.