How To Use Instagram Reels To Get More Traffic And Increase Sales

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A popular Instagram app recently launched Reels feature that allows users to make short form videos creatively using editing features. Instagram now includes a section for Reels on the explore page which helps users can easily find your video at the top of the screen. Reports say that quick story telling videos gain popularity among audiences. So, just 15 seconds is enough time to capture the audience’s attention and entertain your followers. Plenty of brands are ready to use Instagram Reels’ marketing strategy to build their brand strongly. Here are the details of how to use Instagram Reels for your brand.

Share Educational Content

Through education content, though you would make content without mentioning your brand, you are going to make the awareness about your brand, which is a great way to promote your product or services. Here are the ideas about:

  • How to use Instagram marketing campaign ads for small business
  • 5 Steps to good decision making
  • 6 simple steps to create your website

The interested audience watches your video and gets knowledge about these above things. After that, pair education content with a newsletter or lead magnets for your business. From these things, you could do Instagram Reels visitors to move your website to visit and then some of them become your customers or subscribers.

Share Behind The Scenes 

When you share behind the scenes which shows your profile more authenticity and builds great relationships between you and your customers. For example, suppose you own a restaurant. In that case, you can share with your audience using vegetables or meat for cooking, customer’s reviews about your food, and how your chef cooks the food with cleanliness which makes your product have high quality.

Share Your Brand’s Story

Trust is the first and foremost thing as far as business and marketing is concerned. Like traditional marketing you need to build trust for your business in social media marketing as well. For this you can share who you are, how you started your business journey, about your products and so on. You can create an attractive video on reels to share all these and such a video would get ample Instagram reels views and makes your Instagram profile more popular. As a result, a strong connection is built between you and your audience who will stay with you forever.

You want to get more audience trust in your products, and so you should share who you are, where you start your journey, how you built your great business and every dynamic story about your brand. Telling more about your brand is a great way to build a bridge between you and your inspired audiences. After that, they share your video with their friends, and you get more Instagram Reels views for your business profile. If you have more engagement, your profile will become popular. 

The Takeaway

Creative content with high quality always has a high engagement rate. While you make your content with creativity which improves your content perspective among the people. If you are targeting young people and teenagers, Instagram Reels is the right place for your marketing because Instagram is enamored among Gen z and teenagers. 

Track the result of engagement and experiment with more content which format is suitable for your work, and use the style for your Reels—making more videos to expose your brand easily. Many influencers and creators are using Reels to achieve their goals. While you need to expand your business skyrocket height, try to use creatively and get a lot of benefit from Instagram Reels.


Skyrocket Your TikTok Engagement Rate:5 Tactics That Everyone Must Check

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If you want to skyrocket your engagement rate on TikTok?

Does nothing work? In this article, you will see a few techniques, which help increase your engagement rate.

TikTok is one of the booming social media apps. It allows the users to create short musical videos. Did you know? TikTok has more than 800 million monthly active users. Either if you are a marketer or an individual, engagement is the key to success. Not only on TikTok but also on all other social media, engagement is a crucial factor. Depending on your account, you have to plan strategies or plans to generate an engagement rate.

In this article, you are going to learn some of the tactics to boost your engagement rate on TikTok,

Are you ready to get started?

Figure Out From Audience

Once you open the app, there are hundreds of personalized videos waiting for you. You can’t satisfy everyone on TikTok. Moreover, you have a massive number of people. That’s why it’s essential to focus your target audience alone. Just have a look at your competitor’s profile or account, which is related to your account. Check how they post their content and how they express it. Notice what kinds of content they are targeting. From this, you can have some idea about reaching your target audience. 

You can even find people who are interested in your business. Once you spot them, follow them and engage with their content. Make use of TikTok analytics to know about your target audience.

Come Up With New Challenge 

TikTok is full of trends and challenging videos. Moreover, people love to participate and engage with challenges. Create your own challenges, ensure it must be funny and straightforward, it encourages others to do it. If your challenges went well, they would get featured on the “for you” page. Then you will get the maximum engagement rate and receive audience interaction. Moreover, you can consider Bouxtie TikTik fans to attain more reach and audience attention. If your one video got viral, then you can start posting all kinds of content, including your personal brand. That way, you can build brand awareness and popularity.

Add Right Hashtags

Hashtags are playing a significant role in finding your content in this big ocean. When you use specific hashtags, it’s easy for the audience to spot your content depending on your content. If you use general or irrelevant hashtags, your content will disappear in the crowd. 

For instance, if you create videos with your dog, use hashtags like #doglove #pet. Also, don’t forget to use the hashtags #foryou or #fyp.

Keep your eye on trending and popular hashtags. Try to use those hashtags in your content. 

Pay Attention To Trending Songs 

Every week, TikTok will come up with trending songs. If you are creating videos on that particular song, sure you get noticed and even appear on the “for you” page. You will see a new challenge or music that frequently appears on the “for you” page every other day.

Maintain Maximum Presence 

Sure, you will get paid if you post content frequently daily. Suppose if you are a starter with no followers, but your post regularly slowly, you will grow your account. Try to post engaging content, don’t get afraid to be funny. When you offer something new that one has tried till now, it is one of the great ways to grow on TikTok.


I think now you know how to increase your engagement rate. Post regularly, go with trends, make use of trending and viral videos. Interact with your audience, which is an effective way to expand your engagement rate. I hope this article finds useful for you to increase your engagement rate.


How To Use IGTV Successfully- Top 5 Tactics That Must Try

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Instagram has reached a great height; its monthly active users were about 1 billion. It is always looking forward to creating new ways to help business owners and marketers reach their customers and get people entertained. With lots of modifications, Instagram came up with a new feature, IGTV, which is also known as Instagram TV. It is a separate app, which is interlinked with the Instagram platform. 

Did you know? More than 200 million users visit at least one business profile. 

Video has become the most crucial tool for business marketing. So, every marketer must step into IGTV to promote their business in an effective way. Moreover, many marketers find it easy to market their business on IGTV. If you are new to IGTV and don’t know how to grow, here are some tips for using IGTV effectively.

Add Call-To-Action 

On IGTV, you have the opportunity to add clickable links to your desirable page. You can put your call-to-action in the description part, which helps to promote your business or brands. Tell your audience what they have to do after watching your video. Because some audience may read your description fully. Through ideal call-to-action, you can direct your audience to relevant content, website, or product. 

Quality Is Crucial Than Quantity

If you post quality videos, then you have more chances to receive audience engagement. Just like that, don’t create videos, research audience preference. Put yourself in their shoes so that you can easily understand your audience’s expectations and needs. Once you gather all those stuff, then plan your content ideas. Create with a purpose, add value to your content. 

Avoid extending your video length because people love to engage with short videos. By creating short videos, you can bring more engagement. If gaining audience interaction is your goal, you can buy IGTV comments, attracting audience attention. Before posting, ensure you have done proper editing. Use editing tools to edit your videos, give appealing titles and descriptions. Your video must be visually attractive. All those things help to increase your video quality. 

Be Super Active 

One of the best ways to hold your audience’s attention is by uploading videos frequently. IGTV is like a traditional TV, so you need to plan yourself similar to a TV producer. They will plan the entire program in advance and upload it one by one. You can try the IGTV series, which helps you to maintain constant engagement. Posting time is also important to gain engagement to your videos. Try to figure out your audience’s active time, then upload your content according to that particular timings.

Reuse Your Old Content

IGTV allows you to post old content that is posted anywhere on the internet. For instance, if you have popular content, which is already used on YouTube, you can reuse them in your IGTV channel. Before posting, ensure you have done proper editing according to the IGTV platform. Through this, you can obtain more engagement, and it helps to bring existing YouTube audiences to your IGTV channel. In this way, you can give new life to your great old content. 

 Connect With Your Audience 

Building a good relationship with your audience helps to construct trust and authenticity in your channel. Just try to give instant replies to your audience interaction. By the way, nowadays, people expect immediate responses to their questions. 


IGTV is one of the best stages to share engaging videos. It is possible to upload both portrait and vertical videos. Once you publish your IGTV videos, cross-promote them on Instagram stories and feed to get maximum reach and engagement. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.


Beginners Guide: How to Start Your Business on Instagram

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Instagram is one of the engaging social media platforms for every individual and business to create, edit, and share images and videos. 

Nowadays, many marketers use different social media platforms to promote and enhance their brand with a wider crowd. 

Instagram is the fastest-growing platform to present your brand worldwide. 

In this blog post, we’re sharing some valuable information for beginners to start their business on Instagram. 

Let’s get elaborate. 

1. Set An Instagram Business Account 

On Instagram, there are two types of accounts. One is a User account, and the other one is a business profile. If you are a business owner, you can create an Instagram business account. 

If you want to create a business profile, first, you need an Instagram user account. 

Then you can switch your business account in the following procedure. 

  • Go to your profile page and tap the setting option
  • Click account 
  • Tap switch to professional account
  • Click the Business option and choose your industry

2. Draw A Complete Profile 

The profile is one of the essential parts to present your brand as more authentic and professional. So, first, you can make your profile more attractive. 

You can include your username as your brand name, profile image as your brand logo, and add some information about yourself or your company. 

Instagram permits a maximum of 150 characters to make your Bio. you can include your website link and insert 1-2 hashtags relevant to your industry. 

These things help to show your profile more attractive that will engage Instagram users to follow your account. 

3. Share Valuable and Engaging Stories

The trending part of Instagram is it’s stories, and there are millions of trending stories live on this feed every day. Instagram stories appear only one day on the user’s screen. You can find these stories at the top of your screen when you enter the app. 

You can add GIFs, polls, questions, as well as hashtags in your posts. Also, Instagram offers the best feature to share your Instagram story on Facebook directly. Therefore you don’t need to share twice on both platforms. 

Here are some interesting reasons why you should use the stories feed. That is, 

  • It helps to increase your brand engagement
  • Frequently growing your website traffic 
  • Helps to maximize your Instagram reach

4. Follow Consistency and Post Regularly 

If you have great content to share on Instagram, but if you share your content when the audience is not active online. You will not generate your targeted audience, and also, your content will not reach a wider audience. 

Therefore, you need to know the right time when your audience is available online. According to the research based on the 10 million Instagram stories, a great time to upload posts from Monday from 7 AM to 4 PM. 

Moreover, you must post 1 or 2 content per day. If you share your content day by day, the audience will excerpt if you share your next post. It is also a great way to improve your stories. 

5. Work With Social media Influencers to Expand Your Reach 

Influencers play an important role in all social networks because they basically have a larger number of followers and highly engaging content. 

Most of the brand’s campaign with Instagram influencers to reach out to new fans and followers. 

If you want to increase your campaign to get more engagement for your posts, you can buy Instagram reach for your posts to present your profile more authentic and attractive. Even influencer marketing helps to increase the visibility of your posts all over the world. So, your posts get more engagement quickly based on the campaign.

6. Add Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are responsible for your account reach, and it helps users to find and filter your content quickly. Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post, but less is more. The more hashtags you use, your posts will get a bad impression. So, you can use up to 5 to 6 hashtags per post. If you share a story relevant to your business, you can use branded hashtags like #business, #business marketing, etc.



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A new feature has been rolled out by Instagram named Reels to everyone. You can now make your own music videos within the platform itself. Reels on Instagram allow you to record short videos set to songs and editing the short video clips set to songs. It is so very much like TikTok. You can get Instagram Reels views with very much ease. Access the Instagram camera first for opening the camera by swiping from the primary will see the options like the story, Live, and the newest feature Reels, at the bottom the camera, and the story feature and Live features are you already know about it. Toge started on the Instagram Reels. Just swipe over the Reels options. You can record video clips from the camera by yourself. And Instagram allows you to bind different video clips together by using the ed options. You can either select video clips from me your gallery or catalog or record the video clips within the Instagram camera.


On the left of the screen, you will see some icons; they are the tools for your Instagram Reels, which will help you to set up the reels video clips to your whimsical specifications. The first tool on the screen is music; for a long time, music has become a part of Instagram, and this music tool allows you to select what songs or music to use from a huge licensed music library. The cool features are selected by the music, which allows people to scrub through the music by explaining the lyrics of which part of the music or songs is on. 

The second most used tool on Instagram reels is speed. This speed feature controls the speed of the video clips at any time at which clip you recorded is played back. You can record the video clips in regular timing but can change the speed of your video clips by using the speed option to speed up the video or slow down the speed of the video clips.

The third most Instagram Reels tool effects. Effects are less or more like the different types of filers you use on normal Snapchat or Instagram, but just with more elaboration. Effects can change the appearance of the video or adding some icons like flying to the video clips.

The fourth Instagram Reels tool is time. You can also set a timer for your film. The timer is nothing but a countdown; it will give you some time to get in the correct position before starting to record. You can also use the IG tools still now at the top of these tools, like stickers, drawings, and texts. You can add filters also when you are overviewing the Reels once before you are going to be upload. C



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TikTok is a social media network platform for video sharing, which is boomed firstly in China, entering some other markets around the world.  Especially, the TikTok platform allows the creators, also referred to as a user, to upload the vertical form short videos and edit and upload the vertical form short videos that are in the vertical form that is maximumly up to 60-sec long duration, a sound that set to background. These sounds are known as pop culture sort or voice over from movies, voiceovers from TV shows, or snippets of the songs. In addition to the sounds or music, users have other elements with a creative way that is available to them on that such app as stickers, quick cuts, filters, so that people can be used to make their video content. Also most of the users use it so that you can reach highest views by get TikTok views for record their own voices to their videos, and upload that voiceover, so that it can be used as a sound. 

 Video content goes virally, usually on the TikTok platform, which includes the routine of dance, which are developed by more people or one person to start and then only copied around the world with spins in creative ways. But TikTok is not just certainly about the dance routines. Much prettier than any other type of video content that you are used to watching on some other social media platforms can be found on the platform TikTok, within its creative, short, and unique platform. From the fashion tutorials, beauty tutorials, comedy skits, self-help videos, and kitchen hacks, you will not get struggle to search any type of video content on there in the raw ways that delivered you have not seen probably before. 

 The social media platform is all about authenticity and self-expression. Now the platform is being additionally used to fight the COVID-19 misinformation. They have just included an inline platform that features the users who can access the World Health Organization’s information. Gen z was initially thought to be the “generation of TikTok.” In 2019 September, the survey by the YouGov, “TikTok was most often used social media platform by the teenagers, particularly between the ages thirteen to seventeen,” said 2% of the US teens. We are now seeing much more millennials and Gen Z embrace the social media platform these days. Many celebrities are also joined TikTok recently. From Jack Black, Mariah Carey, Ashley Tisdale, J-Lo, Bella Hadid, and Jessica Alba.



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For many, Instagram is the favorite social media platform and not only for millennials and teens. Thirty-five percent of the adults online use Instagram, according to the fact of the pew research center. For example, compare that twitter has 24 percent. If you never want to miss any posts or videos on Instagram from your favorite creators or influencers, select to gain notification each time a particular user posts new videos or photos.   All you have to need to do is turn on your notifications for each and every creators individually.  For turning this notification to your user profile, then click on the three dots in the right-hand upper corner of the posts and then choose the menu to turn on post notifications. Just follow the same exact steps to turn off the notifications. Get more Instagram reach  for your posts growth from us.

  • For allowing the notification on android devices, first, you have to go to the “setting” option, then select “apps” and then “Instagram.” Then you have to choose the “show notifications” option.
  • For allowing the notifications on iPad or iPhone devices, go to the “setting option, next select “notification,” then select “Instagram” and next turn on the “allow notification” setting.

Here is a hack for an Instagram bio that should make your profile stand out from others. Beneath from your profile pic, you can add different emojis to the biodata.  You can use some special applications for copying fonts for your biodata. You can use atypical char for bio.  You can insert symbols and special characters through Instagram’s web client on laptop computers and desktop computers. The very easiest method of using the “symbol” insertion icon on Microsoft words. Then select your desired character or symbol and then copy it to your clipboard on your computer. Next, go to the Instagram homepage and then follow the steps as mentioned above to pasting your symbol or character into your bio’s part. Instagram would like you to create an account on Instagram for you and your business, so you can pursue the people and beautiful brands with the use of that.  Your coworkers, family, and friends might be the first group of followers to follow your Instagram account. Growing to integrate my audience takes more time than the audience who already Instagram the explore page is indicated with the magnifying glass icon. It is an entire platform community by the keyword and topics such as science,  style, fitness, and more.  The story is only around the stick for your fans to watch for 24 hours. 


Tricks To Use Twitter To Construct Your Brand

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Twitter is an amazing platform to build your brand successfully and quickly. It is very useful for every marketer to get more relationships with experts and other followers for a certain period. Also, it allows you to reach a large number of people easily through tweets and retweets. In this article, here are some amazing tricks to construct your brand to use twitter.

Search More Words And Phrases  

Search more words or phrases related to your brand or product for the latest updated news for twitter. Suppose if you have a textile shop, you could search for something about textiles. Browser the latest section to see the latest textile-related tweets on twitter or search the top section to see the tweets are getting more awareness and getting more retweets. Also, see the top section to note which tweets get more retweets, likes, and comments. This trick is used to get more ideas to build your brand successfully and to reach your product for more people through the Twitter platform.

Add Thoughtful And Attractive Conversation 

Create or find tweets that have strong and truthful information about your brand. For example, if you are in a textile shop, you could post some attractive dresses, sarees, shirts, etc. Also, tweet some offers like buy one get one for particular clothes or something else. Post some tweets that get already more awareness This idea is very useful for getting more likes and engagement. Tweet some images and videos related to your brand to get more awareness. Tweet truthful content about your brand or business, you will be able to compete with other popular brands. This is very useful to get higher engagement and the best results can be achieved. 

Twitter Search

Twitter is the message sharing platform to all the twitter followers and users. Go to the twitter search and see the happenings right now to know more about the current trendings. Then find the best tweet connected to your business as you could retweet your twitter account or buy Twitter retweets for maximizing profit by getting a reach to most people. All social media offers more features. One of the best social media to grow your business and reach more followers is twitter. Then twitter offers the best feature that is a retweet. If you are starting a new twitter business or a personal account you can tweet 280 words phrases about your product or brand. You will be able to communicate with thousands of people at one time through twitter.

Don’t Be Argumentative 

Don’t argue with others’ tweets. Sometimes people post wrong information about general topics. Twitter has a very big social media platform, there are thousands and millions of people every day. So you could tell them the positive opinion about that tweet. Bring your comments like the right side of the story and tell them positive ways to correct our mistakes. Twitter also offers the feature like comments. Comments are the best section to bring more opinions about your tweet. They will help to find the users’ needs. Then you will be able to get the idea to make attractive posts then add that post like a tweet.


Most Disliked Videos On YouTube Ever

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YouTube is an excellent place to post video content. Recently, research has been done on YouTube to take out crazy channels. People like their video content so much, and YouTube gives a hub for uploading content.

YouTube changed its five-star rating system to like/dislike buttons since 2010. Most people choose one or five-star ratings. And now, most people use the like/ dislike button to rate the videos that create a discussion. Buy YouTube dislikes to deflect any viewer, and creates excitement to watch your content for the people on YouTube.

And here are a few disliked videos on YouTube at present:

Baby ft. Ludacris:

The king of disliked videos on YouTube is Baby ft. Ludacris by Justin Bieber. It is a pop song whose lyrics are dumber, Justin tones the song like a little girl, and everything grouped to produce hatred on the internet. A most disliked song by a great artist is the perfect example of disliked videos on YouTube.

Even though Bieber grows a lot after this song’s failure, most people hate him. Many people use the dislike button for not only the content defeat, but also the defeating creators.

Infinite warfare reveals trailer:

It is a long debate when most gamers are sick for the call of duty. Developers of call of duty planned to push it into scientific combat for three years in a row. Many gamers showed disinterest in their decision and disliked the trailer thoroughly.

Rebecca’s Music video – Friday:

Another video with a vast amount of dislikes – “Friday” receives over 40 million views after its uploads. Balck parents paid for a pre-written music video and song to star her. The result went wrong. 

When the video content was released, Black was only 15. And now, she began to give videos from music to video logs. 

Cutting the YouTube button:

A Brazilian YouTuber did this video, and it went viral in Brazil after the upload. The channel’s creator received the silver plaque award on YouTube, which helps the creator’s channel reach 100,000 subscribers count. The video was uploaded in the Portuguese language, but it still has the shock effect if you don’t know the language.

Felix accepts the award and wishes to reach one million subscribers, so he planned to do a bit different from his videos. This trick has earned him 3.5million subscribers now.

Gangnam style:

If you live in this generation, then you have heard this song. This viral video comes from South Korea and reaches over a million views every day across the globe after its release. Several people share this content on social media, which gains a factor for his popularity.

“Gangnam Style” songs received several records on YouTube. It has more views on YouTube. And also, it holds the record of the first video to hit over a billion views.


The internet allows everyone to become a celebrity or famous in this world. A video from the “personality on the internet” went viral. Jacob Sartorius uploaded videos of lip-syncing videos to the music. And the way she becomes famous. She composed a piece of music called sweatshirt and uploaded it on YouTube.

A 14-year boy has a crush on his class girl in the video. And he confirms that she was not ready to kiss him. So, he planned to offer his sweatshirt to her. It makes the video viral by increasing the count of dislikes.


Guide For TikTok Influencers In India

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In this article, we are going to discuss TikTok marketing strategies. No one can stop the growth of TikTok as it has crossed 500 million active users and millions of downloads. It has been just a year where TikTok launched the TikTok advertising platform. Big Brands like Nike, Disney have started using the TikTok marketing platform. Other social media applications like Facebook, Snapchat, and other social media have started to overcome TikTok but teen usage is increasing day by day. Content will play a major role in the campaign. 

Big brands like PepsiCo and other brands have started to collaborate with influencers in every part of the world.  If you see the demographics you can see that more than 40% of the Indian population are having a TikTok account. For example, sharing some interesting examples of the Indian TikTok influencers. Influencers are the ones who have a huge number of fans and those who can promote the product or service using their social media are known as Influencer.  Mostly TikTok influencers have more than 1 million followers. 

Before hiring brands needs to think whether the influencer will suit their brand. Tiktok influencers by having a huge number of followers alone will not be able to promote all the products. For instance, EA launches a FIFA 20 where they collaborated with Indie Cowie who is not much famous, but she is a soccer player. In this campaign FIFA20, the influencer has to play freestyling with public where mostly the leading Influencers may not have this quality or they will not accept it.  Don’t think that hiring top influencers helps in marketing sometimes hiring many small influencers will have huge results. Hiring the influencer is not a big deal but needs to check their insight and what will work and what won’t work. Some Influencers buy TikTok views to grow their fame on TikTok.  

 There are many politicians started using social media platforms but what if the politicians started using TikTok and do funny videos. 

Top Influencers In India:

Riyaz Aly

He is a famous dancer, actor, fashion blogger and he has more than 29 million followers. He got famous when he started posting lip-sync videos on TikTok. Many brands started collaborating with him mostly Chupa Chups collaborate more frequently. Most of the brand campaigns which he runs have more than 1 million views for the videos. 

Awez Darbar

He is a famous choreographer for celebrities. He is well known for his comedic. His fanbase is completely for his multi talented skills like acting, dance, and comedic videos. He has more than 22.5 million followers where there are many brands collaborating with him. Brands like 7up and Pulse and other brands.  He also runs a hashtag challenge #SwagSeSolo which was a successful campaign.

Hiring Influencers?

It has been 5 years that TikTok started using influencer marketing. Indian Influencers like Virat Kholi charges 51.2 million for a post on his feed and Priyanka Chopra charges 50.4 million for a post on her feed. And other influencers charge 1to 2 crores and some influencers charge depending upon the views they receive for the post.